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Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm a professional writer. It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope we can build a long-lasting and successful working partnership.

Would you want to work with a creative marketing writer who introduced herself in such a bland, boring and blurry way?


If you said yes, then just skip the rest and send me an email right now.


If you said no, then kudos, we're going to get along well.

You and your business deserve a writer that is focused, detailed and honest.


You need a freelance writer who is experienced, creative and reliable. Someone who has personality but is unpretentious. Someone who knows all the rules and why it's ok to break them sometimes. But most of all you must have someone who is easy to work with and who can make your work easier.


Lucky you!


My name is Rebecca, my friends and family call me Becky, and it is my pleasure to be the freelance writer you deserve, need, and must have.


Why? For starters, we're both lucky.


I don't mean the kind of lucky that comes from pennies (good thing cause they're extinct here in Canada), rabbit feet (just as well cause I prefer my rabbits feet on actual rabbits) or favourite numbers (mine is 6 but that won't help us here) but rather, the kind of luck that comes when you get to do what you were meant to do.


Spoiler Alert: I'm not going to tell you I wrote my first novel when I was 3 or won mulitple spelling bees or hold the distinction among my friends as the one always correcting grammar, but I am going to tell you about a girl who has been a storyteller for a long, long time. How long exactly you'll never know - we talk letters here, not numbers (disregard that part where I told you my favourite number).


I first encountered this type of luck in my own family from my father.
I saw him turn what started as a young boy watching Hockey Night in Canada, into an almost four decade long career as a professional hockey scout. And while I didn't inherit an inclination towards working in hockey, I was fortunate to
learn a few things about business and life from my father.


And like my father, I can trace my early beginnings as a writer a long ways back.


Believe it or not (shout out to George and that memorable answering message from Seinfeld)…one of my first gigs was scriptwriting for our family answering machine. Although the pay was terrible, those messages ignited my passion for writing like I talk, aka conversational writing. Back then, I wrote and helped record those messages because of the laughs I got from family members and the recorded reactions we saved to listen to over and over again. Today, I write for much the same reason (although my most recent post on cybersecurity didn’t garner quite the same amount of laughs).


From answering machines to a higher calling, my second gig involved personal correspondence with a great aunt who was a nun and hoped to inspire a similar career path for me. My two children are testaments to the fact that I didn’t ultimately follow that vocation, but I truly believe this was my first experience on the receiving end of content marketing. She did her best to convert me, and Lord knows she tried, but in the end, I decided to let the answering machine pick up that particular call.


One last example of my early work, involved not just writing, but directing, performing in, and editing screenplays. These memorable tales involved the cooperation of one of the greatest creative teams imaginable –my sister (a 6 year old ingénue), my cousin (a 4 year old character actor) and me (an 11 year old with a vision and a video camera). You probably know us from that memorable tale of Lee,
the lost dog, and his young owner who must go door to door in her neighbourhood in search of her best fur friend. So what did a dog, a young girl and a neighbourhood have to do with my writing skills of today? Because I was also the cameraperson for this production, my acting contribution involved providing off-camera voices for all the neighbours, therefore giving me an early taste of what being a great
ghostwriter is today.


And from there the story went on.


In school, in relationships, and in business, no matter the title I held
or the industry I was in, writing happened.


  • Late night essays (on the first PM Trudeau) while studying Political Science at the University of Waterloo;

  • Canadian press releases for international brands like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, while working in the Public Relations department for Coty Canada;

  • Love letters to my two sons on what new things each of them do to make me love them even more;

  • Corporate e-newsletters on current events in cybersecurity;

  • Articles for the literary publication, Algoma Ink, at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie;

  • Social media profiles and updates to promote myself, products I like, and stories that deserve to be shared;

  • Daily email updates to my sister and best friend on what is happening in the world, my world and her world;

  • Blog Posts for clients, including this one on thought leadership
    for CornerStone Dynamics;

  • And this blog post for idAlerts Canada on identity theft;

  • The beginnings of three novels with the creative writing super group I’ve been a part of for the past five years;

  • Guest blog posts for amazing sites like Erica Diamond's Women on the Fence; and

  • Image captions to accompany the countless photos of my two sons I post to provide visual proof of just how amazing those two humans I created really are.


And when that writing happened, it was good.


So good that I've been fortunate enough to take what was once a message on an answering machine, and a hope and a prayer in a letter, and a dream on the sceen all the way to here.


To your story and to your screen.


So allow me to introduce myself to you again:


Hi, My name is Rebecca, some of my close friends and family call me Becky. As a freelance writer, I provide professional (aka Rebecca) written content via a personal (aka Becky) tone of voice. My writing is colourful, comprehensive and clear and I want to write for you.


I've told you some of my stories, now let's tell yours.


Rebecca is a very talented writer. Her ability to immediately draw you into her story and captivate you by painting a picture with words that connect you to her message is truly an amazing gift.


Adriana Girdler, CEO

CornerStone Dynamics

I’ve known Becky for almost 15 years. From behind the bar to the helm of our idAlerts blog, Becky possesses a natural ability to connect with people, in person and in her writing. The beauty is that you never know what she’s going to say but it will always be intelligent, inspired and interesting.


She has a real passion for creating and continuing the conversation – she’s an extraordinary marketer.


Casey Goossens, President and CEO

idAlerts Canada Inc.

Rebecca is one of the freelance writers I rely on to ensure my business runs smoothly. She is responsive, intuitive and delivers work to me in a timely manner. Her natural curiosity about the world and passion for delivering value means she marries great research with a terrific story.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a freelance writer to help them build content.


Gail Mercer-Mackay, CEO

Mercer-Mackay Solutions Inc.,
and Founder of The 6-Figure
Freelance Career

Becky’s unique writing style is a reflection of her vibrant character. Everything she writes is an enjoyable read – often using an analogy to get her point across – something that resonates with you and draws you into the article.


Barry Boyd,

Director of Sales and Marketing

idAlerts Canada Inc.

Rebecca Mayville is a freelance writer, copywriter and ghostwriter who develops quality content for individuals and businesses. She has worked in the Customer Service, Public Relations and Marketing departments of leading beauty, fashion and technology companies. She is an avid reader who strongly supports literacy programs in her area. And as a mother of two young boys,  she is equally comfortable in both the boardroom or at the bottom of the slide catching falling superheroes. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter to catch the highlights of the boardroom, and on Facebook to find out what's happening at the bottom of the slide.

Rebecca by Becky produces clever, targeted, and results-driven marketing communications for your audience; including articles and blogs, marketing copy, and thought leadership posts.

Contact me now to get started.

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