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Join the majority of professionals today and start making engaging content
a top initiative for you and your business.

Content marketing is the top priority

of many businesses.


Is it yours?


Are you looking for a way to:


  • drive sales;

  • increase positive brand awareness; and/ or

  • generate quality leads.


I can help develop the content marketing solution

that is not only right for you and your business,

but speaks directly to your customers.




of professionals plan to increase their investment in content creation in the coming year.


Direct Marketing News, 2015

Writing Services Include:


  • Articles

  • Blogs

  • Ghostwriting

  • On and Off Line Creative Marketing Copy

  • Thought Leadership posts

  • Press Releases

  • Proof Reading and Editing


The Rebecca by Becky Content Process:


I Keep it Brief:


As in, I stick to the creative brief developed with you at the start of the project. Do you need one article or blog written? Or do you need a complete content strategy put in place? By developing a creative brief, we're able to lay out the results you want and the content strategy that is going to get us there.


Holmes is Where the Heart is:


As in Sherlock Holmes. As in this is where I gather the clues necessary to write your content. This process may involve a combination of interview(s) with you and your team, secondary research, and competition analysis. This portion will always include target research - who are we aiming for, where are they, and most of all, what do they need to hear that only you can say.


We Get Write to the Point:


Each piece detailed in the creative brief is written, edited and delivered with the utmost attention to achieving the results you ask for. Punny titles like those used here are, like those song lyrics on my home page, a bonus.


1. What types of content do you create?


I concentrate on creative marketing communications with an emphasis on blog posts, thought leadership posts, case studies, and e-books.


2. About what industries do you write?


I currently do a lot of work for technological companies, including an identity theft protection company. But with professional experience spent mainly in the beauty industry, you could say I'm adept at writing on everything from (nail) tips to tech.


3. Describe the tones you're comfortable writing in.


I have a natural conversational tone of writing when I'm writing as myself. But as someone often asked to write on behalf of others, I am able to adopt the tone that is best suited for your business and the piece of writing I am doing at the time. I often compare content writers to ventriloquists.


4. How comfortable are you with conducting interviews?


With former lives as a bartender and customer service rep, I am quite comfortable with engaging all sorts of people. I also realize that the best interviews are not always about the best answers, but the right questions. Therefore research and preparedness is key.


5. What's your research methodology?


Research is one of my best skills and is really what makes a great piece of writing more than just a summary of facts and figures. I believe in thorough and comprehensive , but not necessarily expensive, research. I believe that quotes from real live humans are great. And I believe that research for any piece should never start with the subject matter but rather with the reader.


6. How much does it cost?


I work on a price per piece basis. For example, if you require a standard blog post of 500 - 700 words, the price would be $300. This amount includes the finished post plus 2 rounds of revisions. For more detailed pricing inquiries, please contact me directly about your project.

Rebecca by Becky produces clever, targeted, and results-driven marketing communications for your audience; including articles and blogs, marketing copy, and thought leadership posts.

Contact me now to get started.

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